School Readiness Programme

Our School Readiness Programme caters for the children 4 years or over attending Taupo Kids Community.

Taking place each afternoon, the children learn all sorts of skills that will help them slide easily in to school life. 

Our programme was developed in consultation with primary school teachers.

The School Readiness Programme is focused on being responsive to the children's interests.  This helps maintain their pep and enthusiasm for learning.  

The Four Desired Learning Outcomes are:

  • To develop skills and understanding of the conventions of school life
  • To foster and enhance a desire for learning
  • To develop specific skills in an array of curriculum areas
  • To encourage and maintain a positive and supportive social and educational climate

Each one of these outcomes is then broken down in to Specific Learning Objectives, such as 'sitting on the mat'.  There are around 50 Specific Learning Objectives that we strive for over our time in the School Readiness Programme.  These include objectives in the area of literacy and numeracy.

Our aspirations for our Taupo Kids Community tamariki include a smooth transition to school.  Our aim in providing the School Readiness Programme is to assist in this.