Fees and Fee Policy

Taupo Kids Community Fee Structure (Effective 4 June 2013)

30+ Hours
& over
0-2 Years
$9.60/hr $9.15/hr  $8.95/hr $8.60/hr $8.30/hr $8.15/hr $227.60 fulltime
2-3 Years
$9.15/hr $8.75/hr  $8.40/hr $8.00/hr $7.85/hr  $7.60/hr $221.80 fulltime
3-5 Years
$8.40/hr $8.00/hr $7.85/hr $7.60/hr $7.30/hr  $7.10/hr $198.60 fulltime

Taupo Community Childcare Trust


A 50% retainer fee for 3 weeks per year is offered if your child is absent from the centre. Once this discount has been used, full fees will be charged to hold your child’s enrolled space. Retainer fees do not accumulate. This will be deducted automatically, unless requested otherwise.


If your child attends the centre part time you are able to request a “Make Up Day”. When your child is absent you will be charged for the absent day, and you are able to bring your child to the centre on another day of the week (providing that the centre has space on the day requested), you will not be charged for this “Make Up Day” Make Up Days must be used within 2 weeks.


All Public Holidays are charged at full rate if your child is booked for that day, with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day together with New Years Day and January 2nd as these days form part of our Christmas Closing period, and they will not be charged for. However, if your child still attends the centre for over 30 hrs per week when there has been a day the centre is closed you are still charged according to the fee structure rates.


A registration fee of $100 is payable upon confirmation of starting date. This fee will be deducted from the first week’s fees & is not refundable. This fee secures a placement on the waiting list. All fees are payable in advance and are required to stay in advance at all times. You will be given an invoice at the end of each week and fees are payable on a weekly basis (unless a prior agreement has been made). If your account falls in arrears you will been sent a reminder letter. As the centre is a non profit organisation, fees are major part of our income, we rely on these being paid on time, to ensure that we are able to purchase equipment, food, art supplies etc to ensure that we are able to provide a high quality of learning and a fun environment for your child.

A discount of 10% is offered to families with 2 or more children attending the centre on the oldest child’s fees only.

The 20 hours ECE subsidy is available. Please contact Taupo Kids Community to discuss how the subsidy will affect your child's fees.


Please fill out the enrolment form and send back to us, make sure to save a copy for your records. Click Here to download the enrolment form.