Matariki and Art

We have started our Matariki celebrations and we have a whole lot of exciting ideas!  Whaea Pat is leading the way, helping us expand our understanding of Matariki so we can really get a handle on how we can best guide the children.  We have already have a few fun things with the tamariki, mostly to do with the stars.  Jess made a Star Cave with the children, and we have had Star Paintings, and today we had Hidden Star Playdough.  So fun!

We will be expanding to learn about our relationships with those around us, our origins and ancestors, our garden, the food we eat, the places that surround us and the geological history of our land and lots more.  We are really excited about it.

We've also noticed a huge interest in art, and you might have seen a big increase in the artwork coming home.  The littlies especially are very keen to get into it, so we have shifted our art space around to make it less overwhelming and more approriate for out wee ones to be artists in.

Posted: Wednesday 24 May 2017