The School Readiness Children engaged in an activity in which they marbelled paper by floating it in patterns they created on top of glue.  The children each took turns, and it was a true test of patience.  As teachers, we are always wary of pushing our tamariki too far beyond their boundaries, and we kept a close eye on how the children were coping with watching and waiting while others had their turns.

It turns out we needn't have fretted!  The children did so wonderfully, fully focusing on the instructions and watching their peers participating.  Each child grew more and more confident as they took their turn excitedly.  They showed great interest and compassion as they watched after their own turn, solely to see their friends' creations.  It was really gorgeous to see the children clapping and high 5ing each other following the reveal of their artwork.

Our 4 year olds are definitely showing a wonderful capacity for focusing their attention.  I was really impressed with the care they showed for their friends.

Well done guys, that was just super!

Posted: Wednesday 15 March 2017