Studying Magnets!

Our School Readiness children (our 4 and overs)have been busy exploring magnets.  It has been quite a sturdy interest.

We began by looking at the properties of magnets and finding out what the children already know.  It turns out they knew lots!

We talked about the poles and the children discovered that they just wouldn't stick together if they were the same.  We tried making them fly by threading them on to a stick so they were repulsing each other.  We played games that focused on making hypothese about which things the magnets would stick to.  The children even went on a magnet hunt to find items around the centre that the magnets would like!

One of the best things about this exploration is that the childre were very keen to find out more, so this triggered lots of questions.  By following their leads after providing an initial provocation, we were able to go on a learning journey that was meaningful and authentic for them.

We always aim for our School Readiness Group to be focused on the children's interests, and we have created it so that what we wish to guide them in can be delivered in a way that is really interesting and responsive for them.

Posted: Wednesday 22 February 2017