Word Ladders!

Word Ladders!

Word Ladders are rad fun.  The children can use them in lots of different ways.  To introduce them to the children, we worked in groups.  The children each had a ladder and I showed the word to the children, who then worked together to work out which ladder the word would go on.

From here, the children can work independently and identify which words belong on their ladder.  They can also work in pairs, in small groups or one on one with a teacher.  The word families have been chosen because they are commonly used sounds in first readers.  The children can visually see the similarities between the words as well.

A fun way to learn!

We are lucky to have a teaching team that is all fully qualified for early childhood, and we are all registered teachers. At TKC, we adore guiding children in their learning journey towards school.  Our School Readiness Programme is aimed at creating a transition that is smooth and leaves the children feeling confident, and minimises those tricky wee things that get in the way of effective learning.

Posted: Thursday 27 October 2016