Super Secret Magical Playdough Recipe

I've been around playdough for a long time, and I'm not gifted in making it personally, HOWEVER, TKC is lucky to have an array of masterful playdough makers as teachers and I have convinced them to share their wonderful recipe.  

TKC's Magical Playdough Recipe

6 C Flour
2 C Salt
1 C Oil
1/2 C Cream of Tartar
5 C Boiling Water 

Then the fun sensory bits, you can add glitter, dye, powder dye, paint, silver paint, herbs, essence etc.
Mix salt, oil, paint and cream of tartar in a bowl.  Add boiling water.  Stir it up.  Add the flour and stir like HeMan.  

This is enough playdough for a small army, so you may want to shrink the recipe down a little.

I hope that helps you in times of need, like rainy days (just looking out the window!).  Be sure to keep it away from carpet, at home I like to pop a painting drop cloth down on the floor first for an easy clean up.

Posted: Thursday 6 October 2016