Polaroid Fun in the School Readness Group

Polaroid Fun in the School Readness Group

Our fabulous School Readiness Children have been making amazing art.  As a bit of a treat, and as a method of learning about taking turns and following instructions, I brought in my Polaroid camera and some film.  I briefly explained the mechanics of how it works, then how they could actually do it. 

The children knew they had one shot, literally, so they were so very careful about what they photographed.

The images they took were just fantastic, they were able to work the simple light metering system and were super excited to see the magic happening as their picture emerged.

Our four year olds are very inquisitive and thrive given opportunities to explore their surroundings and technology.  The School Readiness Programme gives us a lot of freedom to explore these things and the children love it.

Posted: Thursday 6 October 2016