Benefits of a Mixed Age Centre

Benefits of a Mixed Age Centre

I came across this gorgeous moment last week and I got me pondering some of the benefits of a mixed age centre.

This particular moment came about when a little one wanted to climb a tree with one of our big kids. Our big friend tried to help, but it was just a bit tricky. So our big friend climbed down the tree, gave the little one a hug and off they went to play with something else together.

Much of what we are learning and teaching in Early Childhood is focused on the relationships children develop and how they interact with others.  By including our smallest children in with our biggest, they are given lots of opportunities to teach and to learn from each other.

Our big tuakana know that our little teina are learning from them.

At Taupo Kids Community, we embrace and encourage this bidirectional learning relationship.  We are fortunate to have a physical environment that allows us to function as a mixed age centre, or to move our bubbas to the quiet and peaceful baby area as needed (the Potiki Room).  

It has been lovely to watch our older children blossoming with their care and compassion for the younger children. 

Keep it up tamariki!

Posted: Thursday 18 August 2016